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Ibn 'Ashur: Traetise On Maqasid Shariah

Posted in Uncategorized by bookspath on February 25, 2007

Goals, Objectives, Higher Objectives, principles, Intent, Purpose..

Paperback 489 Pages
Published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought IIIT, London, Washington
ISBN: 1-56564-422-0

Ibn Ashur’s famous and pioneering study of the Shariah’s higher objectives and goals. To restore the intimate contact between Muslims and the Qur’an scholars developed the study of the objectives of Islam. The Shariah is marked by a universal wisdom whereby every legal ruling has a function which it performs, an aim which it realises, an intention which it seeks to fulfill and all of this in order to realise benefit to human beings or to ward off harm or corruption.
Muhammad al-Tahir ibn ‘Ashur (1879 -1973~)was an eminent figure in the institution of the Tunisian scholars for most of the twentieth century. He is also highly regarded as a Muslim reformist and his Qur’anic tafsir al-Tahrir wa’l-tanwir, is among the influential tafsirs produced in the modern era.
Since he lived during the colonial period, as well as the early period of Tunisian independence, Ibn ‘Ashur’s intellectual output reflects different forces and stands witness to the dilemma experienced by the ‘ulama’ in a time of unprecedented change.

Influenced by Muhammad ‘Abduh, and responding to modern challenges to Islamic traditions, Ibn ‘Ashur called for substantive reforms in Islamic education. His work on the ultimate purposes of the Shari‘a represents not only an attempt to revive the maqasid theory of Shatibi, but also a significant addition to modern efforts to renew Islamic legal theory. Ibn ‘Ashur, however, seems to have become disappointed with the independent state’s drive for modernisation and radical secularisation.

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  1. Al-Hasan said,

    This is an excellent read. The translators have done a tremendous job in translating this masterpiece. It is exremely perplexing to the mind whilst reading the book in Arabic, the grammar, syntax and rhetoric are of outmost quality. I urge anonyone who desires to understand the Shariah comprehensively to read this book.

  2. Al-Hasan said,


    1- It aids the Scholar (mujtahid) to extract and deduce Islamic Rulings that does not clash, collide or contradict the aims and prerogatives of the Lawgiver (Shari’: Allah).

    2- It increases the desire of the subjects (mukallaf: legally responsible) to perform deeds for the realisation and fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Shari’ah.

    3- It affirms the Greatness of Legislation in Islam and illustrates and expounds on the characteristics of Islam, such as; the Devine, Comprehensive, Contextual, facilitating, and the achieving benefit (maslaha) spirit and nature of the Shari’ah.

    4- The Science of Al-Maqasid affirms that the rulings in Islam pertaining to the social, spiritual, political, economical and any other aspect of human endeavour are not frivolous, but they all have specific devine aims that brings about ease and comfort for the people.

  3. Muhammad said,

    It a good book but too expensive!!

  4. […] original Arabic, it is now available in the English from IIIT. For a review of the translation look here. Hat tip to Dr. Mahmoud El-Gamal who posts on reinvestigating legal objectives. He links to this […]

  5. […] liberty, and egalitarianism to the usual lists by Al-Ghazali and other scholars of the classic era. See this discussion of a translation of ibn `Ashur’s treatise on Maqasid. Also, the middle part of this article provides a basic introduction to the thought of ibn […]

  6. […] fald på arabisk!), er nu tilgængelig på engelsk. En engelsk gennemgang af oversættelsen findes her. Det fascinerende består i, at Ibn Ashur tør begive sig ud i en række nyformuleringer indenfor […]

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